The Project Team is composed by relevant and active professors from the universities participating in the project.


Prof. Daniela Richtarikova is member of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Institute of Mathematics and Physics at the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava. She they have experience in: Providing mathematics and mathematics related courses at the faculty; development of mathematics curriculum for technical universities (operating on European level within SEFI MWG, doc. RNDr. Daniela Velichova, CSc. is the chair person); educational research dealing with mathematics computer aided teaching and learning, supportive forms of education, using technical applications within mathematics teaching, project learning; computer assisted teaching using software packages (mainly Mathematica, Geogebra, Statgraph, also Matlab and other educational programmes), and e-learning materials developed by the department members; developing web-based electronic courses and e-learning materials covering also xml formatted files with embedded MathML coding of mathematical formulas, practical usage of the webMathematica computational engine on a professional basis; organising conferences and seminars on international level; transnational cooperation within international educational projects in EU programmes.